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Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

The wall-crawler is rebooted in this joint Sony/Marvel Studios production, with Tony Stark playing a major role in the fledgling superhero’s life…

New! The Secret Life Of Pets Character Posters

Today, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures released nine new posters for “The Secret Life of Pets”, featuring the various animal characters. I like the character designs and the signages are kinda cute. They nicely tap into Millennial culture (Resting Bitch Face, Instagram filters etc). So far, the trailers haven’t really excited me, but Pixar doesn’tContinue Reading

New! The Rock Poses With Cast Of Baywatch Remake

Yup, the “Baywatch” remake is real. And just to prove it, leading man Dwayne Johnson put up some images of the cast. Hey, there’s original leading man David Hasselhoff, looking all buff and (fake) tanned! Something tells me this isn’t going to be a movie that takes itself entirely seriously. Which is fine, since theContinue Reading

Dwayne Johnson Posts Set Photos Of Baywatch Remake

Paramount Pictures is remaking the cheesy 90s TV series “Baywatch” as a movie, but so far we’ve no idea whether it’ll be a serious actioner or a let’s-poke-fun-at-ourselves comedy. Or a little bit of both. Leading man Dwayne Johnson has proven that he does have comedic chops, as does his co-star Zac Efron (“Neighbors”), soContinue Reading

The Angry Birds Movie Season’s Greetings Video

From the hit game to the big screen, comes this festive greeting by a bunch of cute singing hatchlings…

The Secret Life Of Pets Holiday Greetings Video

To mark the upcoming X’mas season, this animated comedy from the makers of “The Minions” comes this video about the misadventures of domestic animals…

Daddy’s Home Trailer

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell play two dads fighting for the affections of their kids, in this comedy from the director of “Horrible Bosses 2″…

The Angry Birds Movie Trailer

The hit mobile game comes to life on the big screen, in a story that reveals exactly why the Angry Birds are so angry…