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Tomorrowland Full Trailer

George Clooney stars in this sci-fi fantasy from the director of “The Incredibles”, based on the Disneyland theme park attraction about a wondrous futuristic world…

New! Images & Poster From Brad Bird’s Sci-Fi Tomorrowland

Director Brad Bird (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”, “The Incredibles”) has a lot riding on his latest film “Tomorrowland”. If this is a success, it’ll prove his live-action credentials once and for all. Walt Disney Pictures also wants this to succeed beyond the obvious financial objectives, as this is based on their existing theme park property.Continue Reading

Tomorrowland Teaser Trailer

George Clooney stars in this sci-fi adventure from the director of “M:I4” and “The Incredibles”, as a disillusioned former boy-genius inventor who discovers an amazing place called Tomorrowland…

First Look! Images & Poster From Tomorrowland

We’ve been hearing good things about Brad Bird’s 2nd live-action feature film “Tomorrowland” for a while now, but no one’s seen as much as a poster. Well, today the studio decided it was time to start promoting this sci-fi blockbuster. We’ve got a couple of stills (via Entertainment Weekly) and a teaser poster that offerContinue Reading

First Look & Production Details: Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost Animated Feature Film

There’s a new animated film in the works based on Oscar Wilde’s popular short story from 1887, called “The Canterville Ghost”. I must say this one caught me a little by surprise, as it already has a full cast and crew line-up, and even a poster (above). Here are the official details on the project,Continue Reading

George Clooney Talks Tomorrowland

The on-set pic you see above is anyone’s first-ever look at the mysterious Brad Bird film called “Tomorrowland”. Details have been extremely scarce, even though a viral website has been up for some time now. But today, the sci-fi film’s star George Clooney revealed a few choice nuggets of info via Reddit: “I literally haveContinue Reading

New Cast Member & Story Details For RoboCop

The casting for director Jose Padilha’s remake of “RoboCop” continues to get more and more interesting. Now, they’ve added Jackie Earle Haley. A former child actor, he’s now built a career as a pretty respected character actor, earning acclaim in films like “Little Children” and “Watchmen”. The guy is no leading man, but he’s alwaysContinue Reading

First Look! RoboCop Viral Campaign Reveals ED-209

Columbia Pictures and MGM have decided to start early for their promotions of the “RoboCop” remake. The movie is more than a year away, but they’ve already gotten the ball rolling to whet the public’s appetite. The 1989 original by Paul Verhoeven is a genre classic and the studio has an uphill battle convincing fansContinue Reading