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Fist Fight Trailer

In this comedy, Ice Cube and Charlie Day play teachers who get into a disagreement that soon escalates into a feud that the whole school gets involved in…

The Book Of Life Trailer

“Pacific Rim” & “Hellboy” director Guillermo del Toro presents this animated adventure set during the Mexican Day of the Dead…

First Look! Animated Film Book Of Life

20th Century Fox has an animated feature film in the works called “The Book of Life”. Directed by relative newcomer Jorge R. Gutierrez this one has been quietly developing without much fanfare. Until recently. USA Today got their hands on some images from the film, and people have been quite impressed with the character design.Continue Reading

22 Jump Street International Trailer

Bumbling but lovable undercover cops Schmidt and Jenko enter college in this sequel and have to hunt down some deadly drugs, while trying not to party too hard…

22 Jump Street Red-Band Trailer

The sequel to the surprise hit remake of the 80s TV series sees bumbling cops Schmidt and Jenko going undercover in college…

Producer Neal Moritz Gives 21 Jump Street Sequel Updates

“21 Jump Street” was an excellent example of a remake done right. It also had the balls to go R-rated and then make good use of it. The film made over US$200 million worldwide, so it’s no surprise that we’re getting a sequel. Screenwriter Michael Bacall has been working on the script together with starContinue Reading

21 Jump Street NSFW Clips

Warning: these 2 clips from the “21 Jump Street” remake are Not Safe For Work, as they contain lots of swearing and gay innuendo…

21 Jump Street Remake Poster Debuts

I wonder at what point Columbia Pictures is going to start using Johnny Depp as a marketing tool in this big-screen remake of the TV series he starred in. By now, the studio is openly declaring Depp to be part of the cast list. So it’d make (financial) sense to sell him. For now, we’veContinue Reading