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Disney To Make Indiana Jones 5 For 2019 Release

Here we go. After months of speculation about whether Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Pictures would do a reboot or sequel for “Indiana Jones”, it looks like we’re getting the latter. So much for all that jazz about whether Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper would don the fedora, jacket and whip. It’s still very much Harrison Ford, ladiesContinue Reading

Lucasfilm Confirms New Indiana Jones Movie Being Planned

When Walt Disney Pictures bought over Lucasfilm, they didn’t just get “Star Wars”. It came with a number of other properties, and the other potential giant cash cow is Indiana Jones. While it was never a surprise that the studio would someday go about making more Indy adventures, nothing had been confirmed. Until now. TheContinue Reading

Harrison Ford Talks Indiana Jones & Blade Runner Sequels

While we geeks assume that Harrison Ford is a lock to appear in JJ Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode VII”, apparently, the man himself isn’t so sure. But he is pretty sure he’d do another “Indiana Jones” film again… or in his own words to Metro, he’d do it: “in a New York minute”. “I don’tContinue Reading

Indiana Jones Films To Be Released On Blu-ray

Here at Electroshadow, we don’t usually post Blu-ray news, but this is different. It’s Indiana Jones! This is one long overdue release, and I for one, am excited to see the classic trilogy restored in full high-def picture and sound. Only two things bug me. That I’ll be forced to buy the disappointing fourth filmContinue Reading

George Lucas Announces Retirement

Old George Lucas has been hinting at retiring for some time now, much to the delight and hope of disillusioned fanboys everywhere. Finally, it seems he will be making their dreams come true, if his statement to The New York Times is to be believed. Yesterday, Lucas told the paper that “Red Tails” would beContinue Reading

Steven Spielberg Discusses Indiana Jones 5

“Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull” was a crushing disappointment for most fans. It was largely a lifeless, joyless mess, filled with useless characters and dull action sequences. For me, it had a few decent moments, and the first half of the movie actually does kind of work. But that’s about asContinue Reading

Movie Fathers Who Moved Me

Electroshadow pays tribute to fathers in film! Here’s 7 cinematic old boys who not only made an impression on their kids, but on their audience too…

How George Lucas (Almost) Ruined Indiana Jones

Okay so this doesn’t qualify as “latest” news. But it’s an obscure piece of info, so it’s news to me, so it’ll do. In late 2009, Paramount Pictures released a transcript of the conversations between the creators of “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”, the classic adventure film that introduced the world to intrepid archaeologist IndianaContinue Reading