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Detroit Trailer

From the Oscar-winning director of “The Hurt Locker” comes this true story about one of the darkest periods in American history, the Detroit race riots…

Oscar Winner Brie Larson To Star In Action Movie Free Fire

A pretty common thing for actors and actresses to do as a follow-up to winning an Oscar is to do a big mainstream pic. Usually an actioner. The latest example is Brie Larson, red-hot from her Oscar glory for “Room”. The 36-year-old actress has been poised on the brink of stardom for a while now,Continue Reading

Paramount Announces Four More Transformers Movies On The Way

Awww man. After the Box Office success of “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” a 5th “Transformers” was a no-brainer. Paramount Pictures even set up a so-called “Writer’s Room” in the vein of Pixar and Marvel Studios’ brain trust of people who control the quality of the output. This bunch of geniuses (led by veteran screenwriter AkivaContinue Reading

New! Posters For Macbeth Remake

Shakespeare’s works have always been hard for modern audiences to get into, especially when his original prose is preserved. But to dumb it down or contemporise it would be to do The Bard’s work a huge disservice. So it’s great when an uncompromising adaptation comes along that stays true to what’s on the page whileContinue Reading

Age Of Exhaustion

“Transformers: Age Of Extinction” boasts a new cast and a new mythology. But has returning director Michael Bay made any improvements, or is this the same old tired stuff?…

New! Transformers 4 Viral Marketing Posters

Viral marketing is especially useful for movies that don’t have a lot of advertising & promotions budget. I don’t think “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” counts. The franchise and its director Michael Bay are the textbook definition of the Hollywood Blockbuster. Still, viral allows nontraditional ways of getting buzz on a movie. Like these posters thatContinue Reading

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Trailer 2

Michael Bay’s appetite for destruction continues unabated, as this new trailer shows. Also, a crucial story element is revealed…

John Goodman & Ken Watanabe To Voice Autobots In Transformers 4

The human cast of “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” has pretty much been locked down for some time now, but the voice cast is still being filled out. Today, director Michael Bay welcomed two very established actors to his giant robots franchise. Here’s his statement from his official site: “I am pleased to welcome two giftedContinue Reading