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Disney’s Enchanted Gets Sequel & Official Title

Back in 2007, Amy Adams made a big splash with “Enchanted”, Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action parody of the animated Disney Princess stereotypes. Made for US$85 million, it earned over $340 million worldwide. So it’s a big surprise that a sequel has taken this long to see any movement. Today, Collider broke the news that theContinue Reading

The Best Of Me Teaser Trailer

Based on the best-selling Nicholas Sparks novel, this romance drama stars James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan as lovers reunited after 20 years…

Walk Of Shame Trailer

Elizabeth Banks stars in this comedy about a newscaster who gets stranded in a dodgy part of town after a one-night stand…

James Marsden To Replace Paul Walker In Romance Drama The Best Of Me

The “Fast & Furious” franchise isn’t the only cinematic property left in the lurch by the accidental death of Paul Walker in car crash late last year. One of them is the adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks book “The Best Of Me”, which had Walker attached to headline. But life — and business — goesContinue Reading

Dodge Ads Feature Ron Burgundy Of Anchorman 2

Brand tie-ins with movies can be lame unless you stay true to the characters. With this partnership between US carmaker and Paramount Pictures, they seem to have kept the flavor of Ron Burgundy intact. If you missed “Anchorman” he is the dim-witted but arrogant newscaster played by Will Ferrell in the hit 2004 comedy. Here,Continue Reading

Banter Worth Paying For

Electroshadow guest contributor Qiu Jun Xing is back with a look at the Denzel/Wahlberg action throwback “2 Guns”. Does it hit all the right beats?…

Anchorman 2 Full Trailer

The gang of vain but dim-witted news anchors are back, and this time they have to deal with the 70s and a handsome rival anchor…

The Butler Trailer

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker stars in this true story of a black butler to 8 US presidents, serving under them as friend and confidant through times of political turmoil…