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First Look! Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman

Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Films (via director James Wan) have revealed the first photo of Amber Heard’s Mera in full costume for the upcoming Aquaman movie. Amber Heard received a lot of negative attention over her acrimonious divorce from Johnny Depp. That got Warner Bros. executives kind of nervous, as she was starring inContinue Reading

Dolph Lundgren Joins Cast Of Aquaman As Baddie

Well, this is a surprise. A fun one too. Looks like Ivan Drago/He-Man/Universal Soldier/Expendable will be taking a dip in the waters of the DCEU. According to The Hollywood Reporter, veteran Swedish action star Dolph Lundgren has signed up as a cast member for the James Wan-directed DC superhero movie. He will play “King NereusContinue Reading

James Wan’s Comicbook The Malignant Man Finds A Director

Apart from making movies, director James Wan somehow finds time for other pursuits. He also developed a comicbook series called “The Malignant Man” along with writer Micahel Alan Nelson and artist Piotr Kowalski, back in 2011. Of course, Hollywood jumped on it and in 2014, 20th Century Fox announced that they’d be adapting it forContinue Reading

The Conjuring 2 Movie Clips

This horror sequel from James Wan sees the Warrens investigating a terrifying case of demonic possession in England…

James Wan Reveals Why He Chose Aquaman Over Another DC Movie

Malaysian-born filmmaker James Wan was announced as the director for “Aquaman” about a year ago. But now, he’s revealed that Warner Bros had originally given him the choice between this and another DC Comics superhero adaptation. In an interview with Upromm, Wan said: “They asked me which of the two characters I’d be interested inContinue Reading

The Conjuring 2 Teaser Trailer

James Wan returns with this sequel to his critically acclaimed horror. This time, the Warrens go to England to face a terrifying poltergeist…

The Conjuring 2 Begins Filming With Blessing Ceremony

Film production crews can be a superstitious bunch. Who can blame them, especially when making a horror movie. It’s quite commonplace for productions in Asia to start off filming at a location with some kind of spiritual ceremony to appease whatever unseen forces that might be there or just as a gesture of good luckContinue Reading

James Wan To Direct Aquaman Movie

While “Batman v Superman” is getting less than ecstatic buzz, the word around the “Aquaman” solo movie has been relatively positive. Today, a new announcement has been made that will likely earn it even more goodwill. Warner Bros. Pictures has just officially confirmed that their director for the DC Comics superhero adaptation will be noneContinue Reading