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The Zookeeper’s Wife Trailer

Jessica Chastain stars in this incredible true story of a Polish woman who sheltered Jews from Nazis during World War II, in her zoo…

The Huntsman: Winter’s War Trailer

This sequel to the epic fantasy sees the Evil Queen back to torment the land, along with her sister the Snow Queen Freya…

First Look! Posters Reveal New Characters From The Huntsman Sequel

“Now White & The Huntsman” was a moderate commercial success, but it’s biggest claim to fame is that it kicked out its leading lady (Kristen Stewart) and director (Rupert Sanders) from the sequel over their affair. Anyway, everyone’s moved on, and the sequel is now titled “The Huntsman: Winter’s War”. It’s sort of a prequel/sequel,Continue Reading

Jessica Chastain Begins Filming Book Adaptation The Zookeeper’s Wife

Jessica CHastain’s star has certainly been on the rise in the last couple of years. She’s juggled mainstream hits and arthouse fare with equal ease, although she’s usually part of a larger ensemble. But when she is the leading lady she always lights up the screen (“A Most Violent Year”). So it’s great to seeContinue Reading

Ridley Conquers Mars

“The Martian” sees Ridley Scott back in sci-fi with Matt Damon stuck on the Red Planet. Is this a return to form for the legendary director?…

The Martian Viral Video 3

Renowned scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson hosts this faux documentary about the crew of the mission to Mars from Ridley Scott’s latest sci-fi epic…

The Martian Viral Video 2

Director Ridley Scott’s space survival adventure gets another funny viral marketing video that focuses on the NASA crew getting a psychiatric evaluation…

New! Character Posters For Crimson Peak

2015 hasn’t seen a whole lot of quality horror films. “It Follows” was a standout among the sea of same old dreck, and I’m hoping director Guillermo del Toro will deliver later this year with “Crimson Peak”. His output may be inconsistent, but when he does horror the results are usually solid (“Devil’s Backbone”, “Pan’sContinue Reading