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First Look! Behind The Scenes Of XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage

After deciding to bow out of the 2nd “XXX” movie, Vin Diesel is back for the third outing. I’m interested to see how they explain away his character’s off-screen death, but then again, if you don’t die on screen and there’s no body, you ain’t really dead. Filming recently commenced on “xXx: The Return ofContinue Reading

The Expendables 4 Being Planned

Some guys just don’t know when to quit. Despite “The Expendables 3” being an embarrassing flop at the US Box Office, star and producer Sylvester Stallone still wants to make another one. Granted, the last sequel still managed to save its own neck with a US$167 million haul globally, but the public’s reaction to thisContinue Reading

New! The Expendables 3 Banner & Controversial Film Rating

(Click on the image above to view a super-sized version!) Check out the giant banner for “The Expendables 3”. It’s got all the old old fogeys (minus Bruce Willis and Chuck Norris), some new old fogeys, and a couple of young punks. Everyone looks like they had a blast making this sequel. Heck, even grumpyContinue Reading

Pierce Brosnan Wants To Be In The Expendables Sequel

Apart from the Bond franchise, Pierce Brosnan hasn’t really been associated with the action genre. But it looks like the guy misses it. Speaking to Comingsoon recently, the Irish actor revealed his desire to once again do a fun pic where it’s all about the physical aspect of acting and filmmaking. And he’s singled outContinue Reading

The Expendables 3 Trailer 2

Loaded with self-referencing jokes and over-the-top action, this 3rd and last outing brings the 80s action stars and some newer faces together for their biggest mission yet…

New! The Expendables 3 On-Set Images

Sylvester Stallone is really relishing his comeback of sorts with “The Expendables” franchise. So far, the first 2 movies have been fairly well-received, especially amongst older action fans. After all, what’s not to like about seeing your childhood action heroes sharing the same screen? For the third outing, Sly has assembled a few new facesContinue Reading

The Expendables 3 Teaser Trailer

The 80s action icons return (minus Bruce Willis) for one last adventure together, and this time, they’ve added a few new stars…

Jet Li’s Stunt Double Was Aboard Flight MH370

Sigh. Poor Malaysia. Our nation has been having such a difficult time recently, between the political strife, the haze, the water cuts, and now the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. And with idiots crawling out of the woodwork to say and do staggeringly idiotic things, we’ve become the laughing stock of the world. WhatContinue Reading