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Justice League Full Trailer

The DC superhero team-up shows us what they’re capable of, with Batman leading the charge in the absence of Superman…

Posters Offer Best Look Yet At Justice League Costumes

The DCEU continues to suffer a public perception issue, but the powers that be are still making sure that things are moving along, behind the scenes. I won’t go into detail over the studio’s problems, but I will say that they only have a very small window of opportunity left to win over fans andContinue Reading

New Justice League Image Assembles The Team

I know Warner Bros is trying to preserve the mystery of Superman’s return in “Justice League” but it’s seriously the world’s worst-kept secret. Everyone knows he will be back, we just don’t know how or at what point in the movie. So until then, it looks like the studio is going to keep playing coyContinue Reading

New Image Of Justice League Assembles Half The Team

The follow-up to “Batman v Superman” is still a year away, but Warner Bros is eager to get the buzz for “Justice League” chugging along and building steadily. To that end, they’ve released sizzle reels at SDCC, loads of behind the scenes images, and some official stills too. Like this latest one that debuted inContinue Reading

Ben Affleck Trained In Silat For The Accountant

Ben Affleck is no stranger to action roles, but for his latest film “The Accountant” he found himself encountering a style of action he’d never seen or even heard of before: Silat. Of course, over here we’re pretty familiar with it, and anyone who’s watched “The Raid” movies will also have an appreciation for justContinue Reading

First Look! Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

Saturday was apparently Batman Day. I didn’t even realise there was a Batman Day, but hey why not. In conjunction with the occasion, “Justice League” director Zack Snyder took to social media and posted a first look at the Dark Knight’s staunchest ally, Commissioner James Gordon! Played by the always awesome and Oscar-winning J.K. Simmons,Continue Reading

New Tactical Batsuit Revealed For Justice League

Ben Affleck’s Batman went from one of the most protested to one of the most beloved. Design-wise, the Batsuit in “Batman v Superman” was simply perfect. But as we all know, every subsequent superhero movie always features at least one new suit. Gotta think of the merchandising, after all. Shooting is still underway at LeavesdenContinue Reading

JK Simmons Talks Commissioner Gordon In Justice League

No matter what they say officially, Warner Bros must secretly be disappointed at the critical bashing “Batman v Superman” received, and its relatively so-so underperformance at the Box Office (US$827 million worldwide so far). But that’s not stopping them from forging ahead with their plans for the DC Extended Universe. Next up is “Justice League:Continue Reading