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Captain America: Civil War Video Interviews

The cast and crew of Marvel’s biggest superhero showdown talk about their experiences, thoughts and feelings on set…

Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

This new trailer reveals much more of the internal battle of idealogies between Cap and Stark, and introduces a certain wall-crawler…

New! Capt America: Civil War Posters Reveal Team Line-Ups

While the world gears up for the Batman and Superman brawl, Marvel Studios wants us to remember that their own superhero dust-up is also on the way. So the marketing department has been getting busy for “Captain America: Civil War”. On Monday, Marvel released a whole batch of character posters featuring all the members ofContinue Reading

Russo Brothers Talk Capt America Civil War + First Posters Debut

Yesterday, the trailer for “Captain America: Civil War” dropped, and it got fans buzzing. Realising they’re now in the conversation, Marvel Studios quickly followed up with some more publicity for the film. Empire magazine spoke to directors Anthony and Joe Russo, and they discussed the scenes from the trailer and the tantalising questions it raised.Continue Reading

First Look! Set Pics Of New Character Costumes In Capt America: Civil War

The 3rd chapter in the ongoing adventures of Marvel’s First Avenger is currently in production, and the spy pics have been bouncing around like Cap’s Shield! Today, we got a whole batch of pics (via Just Jared) of the cast of characters of “Captain America: Civil War” on the “African” set where they’re currently filming.Continue Reading

Plot Details & Cast Of Capt America: Civil War Officially Revealed

Yesterday, we brought you some tasty concept artwork for the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War”. Today, Marvel Studios decided it was time to make things official. They’ve released the full cast list for the film, as well as a plot synopsis. It doesn’t tell us too much, but we now know that General Ross fromContinue Reading

Robert Downey Jr Talks Playing A Different Tony Stark In Capt America 3

Fans got really excited when it was announced that the third Cap movie would be “Captain America: Civil War”. It was one of the biggest, most far-reaching events in the comics and to see it brought to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be something to behold indeed. Especially so when it pits SteveContinue Reading

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Full Trailer

Cap’s adventures continue with SHIELD operatives Black Widow & Falcon, as he comes across a new enemy who turns out to be an old friend…