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Sam Mendes Talks New Bond Theme Song

There are reports that say two-time Bond movie director Sam Mendes is done after “Spectre”. But while he’s still on the 007 train, he aims to make the best of it. And it’s all for the fans, according to him. In an interview with BBC, Mendes said that ‚ÄúThis is a bigger movie than Skyfall.Continue Reading

New! Daniel Craig As 007 In Spectre Posters

I am expecting great things from the next James Bond film “Spectre”. Why” Let’s just say all the pieces are finally back in place and 007 is hitting his stride as the iconic spy we all know and love. As good as “Casino Royale” was, it really served as a prelude to the “real” Bond.Continue Reading

Screenwriter John Logan Talks 24th Bond Film

Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan worked on the last James Bond film “Skyfall”. Electroshadow was not impressed with certain story and character decisions he made which made Bond look incompetent. In any case, the man’s back to script the 24th (official) Bond outing. And he’s got a few things to say about it (via Empire). SpeakingContinue Reading

Screenwriter John Logan Discusses Next Bond Film

After the success of the Craig-era James Bond films it was only natural that the studio (MGM) would want to continue down that creative path laid by Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) and solidified by Sam Mendes (“Skyfall”). So far, there haven’t been many details about the upcoming 24th James Bond film, beyond the foregone conclusionContinue Reading

Skyfall Teaser Trailer

The 23rd Bond film sees 007 on the hunt for a deadly target who has placed MI6 under a vicious attack…

Writer John Logan Talks Bond Movie Skyfall

John Logan has built a name writing films like “Gladiator”, “The Aviator” and “The Last Samurai”. He’s also got a great track record working with some of the industry’s top directors. Now he’s added Sam Mendes (“American Beauty”) to the list, with whom he’s doing the latest James Bond movie “Skyfall”. Comingsoon managed to speakContinue Reading

Coriolanus UK Trailer

Actor Ralph Fiennes directs this adaptation of the classic Shakespearean play, with a modern — and thoroughly bloodthirsty — twist…