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Spider-man: Homecoming Trailers

A pair of trailers show off a tonne of new footage, featuring Spidey’s awesome new Stark technology-infused suit, and more of the villains…

Villain Details Revealed For Spider-Man: Homecoming

Villains have always been one of the biggest weaknesses of the MCU. Now that Marvel Studios is partnering with Sony to do a new Spider-Man movie, perhaps that flaw can be rectified. Now I’m not saying Sony’s handling of its baddies have been stellar. Electro was an utter embarrassment in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”. TheyContinue Reading

Spider-Man: Homecoming Full Trailer

Everyone’s favourite wall-crawler gets a little help from Tony Stark himself, as he faces Michael Keaton’s ruthless Vulture…

New! Spider-Man: Homecoming Posters Hint At Avengers Link

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are not shying away from letting the whole world know that their properties are now in a shared universe. The former of course owns the cinematic rights to Spider-Man, and after a series of fumbles, they agreed to work with the latter to revive the iconic superhero. They’ve done thatContinue Reading

Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man: Homecoming Details + New Photo

The smartest Sony Pictures has ever done in recent years was to acknowledge they have no idea how to do Spider-man well anymore, and work with Marvel Studios, who do know how to do superheroes well. And the fruit of that collaboration — “Spder-Man: Homecoming” — is looking better by the day. The latest isContinue Reading

The Jungle Book Movie Clip

In this clip from the Disney live-action remake, Mowgli meets Baloo the bear in a cave…

Cast Of The Jungle Book Pose With Animal Roles

Walt Disney Pictures has come up with a pretty cool way to promote their remake of “The Jungle Book”. The CG animals are all voiced by famous actors, so they figured why not pair them up and do portraits? We’ve got almost all the major roles, except for Bill Murray and the bear he plays,Continue Reading

3 New Posters Form A Bigger Picture Of The Jungle Book

I like posters that combine to form one large tableau. Jon Favreau’s live-action remake of the classic Disney animation today saw a trio of posters released, each one showcasing the characters. The first one sees King Louie and Kaa. Then there’s Mowgli the little orphan boy, along with his pals Baloo and Bagheera. In theContinue Reading