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Bestselling Novel Crazy Rich Asians Gets Big Screen Treatment

The image of Asians in Western society isn’t exactly that great, especially Oriental Asians. Actually, to most dumbass Westerners (read: Yanks) Asians = Chinese. The last thing we need is more misconceptions clogging up the place. So when I heard about this project, I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of it. The Hollywood ReporterContinue Reading

Now You See Me 2 Trailer

The con artists/magicians are back in another adventure, and this time they have to clear their names when a mastermind blackmails them…

Jem & The Holograms Trailer

The 80s cartoon about holographic rockers comes to life in this live-action remake, but fans beware. They’ve changed the basic premise so it’s nothing like what you knew…

First Look & Official Synopsis: Jem And The Holograms

Although “Jem And The Holograms” was one of those 80s cartoons that never found as big a following as say, “Transformers” or “He-Man”, it was still one of those things that 80s kids, especially girls of course, grew up on. Universal Pictures is tapping into the power of nostalgia to bring us a live-action adaptation,Continue Reading

First Look! The Cast Of Now You See Me 2

I did not enjoy “Now You See Me”. I thought it was a sloppily told story with a try-hard approach at hoodwinking the audience that backfired since they unwittingly broadcast the big twist early on. Still, the movie made enough money to justify a sequel. So here we are with “Now You See Me: TheContinue Reading

GI Joe Retaliation: Storm Shadow Featurette

This behind-the-scenes video clip focuses on bad guy Storm Shadow, a mysterious ninja played by Korean heartthrob Byung-Hun Lee…

John Chu To Direct Masters Of The Universe Remake

Even as a kid, I could sense just how camp “Masters Of The Universe” really was. He-Man was one step short of joining the Village People — not that I knew who they were and what they stood for at the time. But the show was fun, and like most kids I loved the toys.Continue Reading