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Snowden SDCC Trailer

Controversial director Oliver Stone and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the equally controversial Edward Snowden in this espionage thriller…

Snowden Trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this biopic about the former CIA analyst who infamously leaked highly-classified information and was hunted down as a traitor…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Exits Sandman Adaptation

Man, just when we thought we’d finally see “Sandman” done justice to on the big screen, this happens. Previously, the project found a promising champion in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who was onboard to direct and potentially star in Neil Gaiman’s seminal graphic novel series. It looks like all that’s fallen apart now. On Sunday, it wasContinue Reading

The Walk Trailer 2

From the director of “Back To The Future” comes this thrilling retelling of the true story of a high-wire artist who launched an insane plan to walk between the New York Twin Towers…

The Night Before Red-Band Trailer

JGL, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie team up for this scathing comedy about 3 friends trying to celebrate X’Mas in the most over-the-top way possible…

First Look! Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Political Biopic Snowden

If you’ve never heard of the name Edward Snowden, director Oliver Stone (“JFK”) would like to change that. The pic above should give you a rough idea of what he was about. The biopic “Snowden” will see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role of the infamous NSA whistleblower, and filming has already begun despite beingContinue Reading

The Walk Teaser Trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this incredible true story of a man who walked a tightrope across New York’s twin towers, and lived to tell the tale…

NSFW! Eva Green Semi-Nude In Sin City 2 Poster

The Weinstein Company sure is shrewd. They know that the upcoming “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For” is probably going to need all the help it can get for people to be interested in it. So what do they do? Release a poster that they know will generate controversy. And few things get asContinue Reading