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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Teaser Trailer

Director Guy Ritchie reimagines the Arthurian legend with a post-modern vibe and lots of liberties taken with the story…

May Movie Roundup

We examine the month’s biggest releases! George Clooney sci-fi “Tomorrowland”! Action-comedy “Spy”! And The Rock vs earthquakes in “San Andreas”!…

First Look! On The Set Of Knights Of The Round Table: King Arthur

Guy Ritchie last re-imagined “Sherlock Holmes” to a decent degree of critical and commercial success. Now, he’s turned his attention to the legend of King Arthur, which has finally gotten an official title after lots of studio waffling. Called “Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur” it sounds like they couldn’t quite make up theirContinue Reading

Story Details Revealed For King Arthur Remake

Director Guy Ritchie’s period fantasy adventure “King Arthur” (previously titled “Knights Of The Round Table”) is conceived as a bold re-imagining of the legend, kinda like what he did with “Sherlock Holmes”. In the title role, he’s got Charlie Hunnam (“Pacific Rim”) as a more rugged, roguish type. Warner Bros provided an on-set shot ofContinue Reading

Spy Red-Band Trailer

From the director and star of hits like “The Heat” and “Bridesmaids” comes this new comedy about a desk-bound CIA analyst who must step up to become a field agent and save the world…

King Arthur Remake Casts Villain & Merlin Roles

Brit director Guy Ritchie is taking on another legendary English character after “Sherlock Holmes”. He’s doing a remake of “King Arthur”, the famed 6th century ruler who wielded the sword Excalibur and presided over the Knights of the Table Round. Casting for the big-budget fantasy film is close to complete, with the title role havingContinue Reading

Black Sea Trailer

Jude Law stars in this action thriller about a submarine captain who goes on the hunt for priceless Nazi gold at the bottom of the ocean…

Jude Law To Star In Submarine Thriller Black Sea

Jude Law is known more as a dramatic actor than as an action star, though he has dabbled occasionally in the genre (the “Sherlock Holmes” movies, the underrated “Enemy At The Gates”, the crappy “Repo Men”). Now, he’s about to combine both in an adventure set on board a submarine, titled “Black Sea”. Focus FeaturesContinue Reading