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Video: Justice League Cast Speak Out For Environmental Cause

Recently, Mel Gibson said some pretty disparaging things about superhero movies, particularly “Batman v Superman”. He called it “Shit”, and said that real superheroes don’t wear spandex. In real life, they’re the men and women who risk their lives for others or stand up for what’s right. Well, isn’t that what superheroes do? It’s aContinue Reading

Henry Cavill Teases Black Superman Costume

So, SPOILER ALERT, Superman is dead. Kal-El valiantly sacrificed himself to save everyone in “Batman v Superman”, but frankly, nobody was expecting him to stay dead. Which is why Henry Cavill has been allowed to tease his character’s return in “Justice League”. Today, the Brit actor took to Instagram to post a new photo. ItContinue Reading

First Look! Cyborg & The Flash In Justice League Concept Art

Warner Bros. Pictures has a special show lined up to get the world ready for its onslaught of superhero films. Titled “DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League”, the show is airing on US TV tonight so the rest of us won’t get to see it (yet). But the studio has released someContinue Reading

Zack Snyder Confirmed To Direct Justice League

At the risk of sounding smug, Electroshadow would like to say, toldja so. Early this year, we brought you news that Warner Bros was definitely moving ahead with their long-delayed, much-troubled “Justice League” big screen adaptation. But in between then and now, many things happened that appeared to throw that plan into oblivion. We alsoContinue Reading

Christian Bale Confirms He Won’t Be In Justice League Film

Christian Bale is done with Batman. As much as he admitted to loving the character, he has no desire to return to it. At least that’s what’s he told Entertaintment Weekly last night. When asked about his possible involvement in the “Justice League” film as the Dark Knight, Bale said: “We were incredibly fortunate toContinue Reading

Warner Bros Greenlights Man Of Steel Sequel & Justice League

“Man Of Steel” has not even opened yet, but looks like Warner Brothers is feeling pretty confident about it as their new cash cow. According to their tracking, the film is on course to make around US$100 million on opening weekend. That may not seem a lot in an era of billion-dollar tallies, but thatContinue Reading

Guillermo del Toro To Do DC Adaptation Dark Universe

Guillermo del Toro is at it yet again. The Mexican director, notorious for taking on multiple projects but not necessarily following up on them, has now taken on a pretty massive one. The rumours first popped up at Latino Review late last year, and now has been confirmed by IGN: an adaptation of “Justice LeagueContinue Reading

Justice League Potential Lineup Revealed

Okay, I’ll get this out of the way first: this is in no way confirmed news. And Electroshadow normally only runs verified stuff. But hey, it’s too juicy to pass up and it’s a slow news day. Anyway, Cosmic Book News has apparently gotten the scoop about the line-up of characters for Warner Bros’ “JusticeContinue Reading