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Video: Thor’s Absence During Civil War Explained

Were you wondering where Thor was when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were at each other’s throats in “Captain America: Civil War”? Was he embroiled in some intergalactic conflict? Was he trapped by some devious spell of Loki’s? As it turns out, he was just busy. On vacation. On Earth. In the home of someContinue Reading

Tom Hiddleston & Mark Ruffalo Post Pics From Thor: Ragnarok

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now into Phase Three, with “Thor: Ragnarok” kicking things into higher gear for the impending “Infinity War”. Shooting has been going on for a while under Kiwi director Taika Waititi, and is expected to wrap by October. Today, Tom Hiddleston aka Loki got into character and posted an on-set selfieContinue Reading

Mid-Year Movie Roundup

We’re back with the biggest reviews of the summer yet! The “Ghostbusters” reboot! Matt Damon’s 4th outing as “Jason Bourne”! Horror gem “Lights Out”! And “Star Trek Beyond”!…

Star Trek Beyond’s Sulu Revealed To Be Gay

Well, here’s one way to drum up attention for your movie. Previously, Paramount Pictures was accused by fans and industry pundits for not doing enough to promote “Star Trek Beyond”. Well, not only did the studio announce a series of events in conjunction with the property’s 50th anniversary this year, they also dropped a bigContinue Reading

Star Trek Beyond Trailer 2

This trailer showcases Rihanna’s new song, as well as Captain Kirk facing a new enemy and his own crisis of confidence…

Pete’s Dragon Full Trailer

Disney’s remake of their 1977 family movie sees a young boy raised in the forest by a mysterious creature but find themselves both in danger when civilization discovers them…

New! Star Trek Beyond Character Posters

Slowly but surely, the promo machine for “Star Trek Beyond” is cranking up. With the latest trailer finally managing to drum up real anticipation for the movie (unlike previous footage), could fans hope for a good Trek movie on the franchise’s 50th anniversary? Sure, why not. And now, Paramount has released a whole batch ofContinue Reading

Star Trek Beyond Full Trailer

Captain Kirk and his crew are left without a ship, and surrounded by hostile aliens in this new film from the director of the “Fast & Furious” series…