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Star Wars Episode VIII Title Revealed

There has been so much speculation over the title of the 8th “Star Wars” movie. Let’s see, there was “Tales Of The Jedi Temple” (which I kinda dug), “The Rise Of The Jedi” (Which I didn’t), and most recently debunked, “Forces Of Destiny”. But today, Lucasfilm finally confirmed the title once and for all, viaContinue Reading

Feel The Force

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is both a sequel and a franchise re-igniter. Director JJ Abrams brings back the magic, but has he brought along too much of the old movies?…

Star Wars Ep7 Producer Talks What Links The Old & New Sagas

It’s a little mind-blowing for “Star Wars” die hards like myself to realise that the next chapter in the ongoing adventures in that galaxy far, far away is arriving in less than 3 months. Even more so when you stop to consider that there’ll be a “Star Wars” movie of some kind every single yearContinue Reading

Visual Effects Company ILM Celebrates 40th Anniversary

(Click on the image to view the super-sized version) Wow, has it been that long? Today marks the 40th anniversary of one of the world’s first — and most beloved — visual effects companies. If you’ve seen any blockbuster of the last 40 years, chances are Industrial Light & magic brought the effects to life.Continue Reading

Lucasfilm Confirms New Indiana Jones Movie Being Planned

When Walt Disney Pictures bought over Lucasfilm, they didn’t just get “Star Wars”. It came with a number of other properties, and the other potential giant cash cow is Indiana Jones. While it was never a surprise that the studio would someday go about making more Indy adventures, nothing had been confirmed. Until now. TheContinue Reading

Director Josh Trank Exits Star Wars Boba Fett Film

It was only a matter of time. There’d been lots of talk behind the scenes of the “Fantastic Four” reboot directed by Josh Trank (“Chroncle”). Most of it negative in nature — especially regarding Trank’s conduct — which, according the The Hollywood Reporter saw him “indecisive and uncommunicative at times”. This angered many people workingContinue Reading

Lucasfilm Singapore Hires New Leader

In case you didn’t know, “Star Wars” creator George Lucas’ company Lucasfilm Ltd has set up a branch in Singapore. It’s to be part of a regional hub for technical output in the cinematic arts which includes Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Lucas’ legendary special effects house. Interestingly, their building’s design (see above) is basedContinue Reading

First Behind-The-Scenes Pic Of Star Wars Episode VII

The script for “Star Wars: Episode VII” isn’t even complete yet and not a frame of film has started rolling yet. But we already have our first look at a piece of this long-awaited and possibly THE most anticipated sequel of the decade. Today, production company Bad Robot posted a behind-the-scenes picture of the filmContinue Reading