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Coco Teaser Trailer

Pixar’s latest animated adventure is set in Mexico, and is about a boy who goes on an otherworldly journey into the afterlife to discover his family roots…

First Look! Teaser Poster For Pixar’s Coco

Pixar’s recent output (apart from the brilliant “Inside Out”) has been a letdown, from “Monsters University” to “The Good Dinosaur” to “Finding Dory”. Maybe their next one, titled “Coco” will buck the trend and be great. So far, we’ve seen next to nothing of it, other than some concept art. A trailer is said toContinue Reading

Toy Story 4 Going In Unusual Direction

Let me get this on the record first: I absolutely hate the idea of doing a “Toy Story 4”. It represents everything that is wrong with Pixar’s approach in the last decade. The over-reliance on former glories as a cash cow. I mean, we’re talking about one of the most perfect filmic trilogies ever, withContinue Reading