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Mid-Year Movie Roundup

We’re back with the biggest reviews of the summer yet! The “Ghostbusters” reboot! Matt Damon’s 4th outing as “Jason Bourne”! Horror gem “Lights Out”! And “Star Trek Beyond”!…

Ghostbusters Trailer

This reboot tries very hard to redo everything that made the 1984 classic so good, without the original’s charm, wit, or general quality…

New! Character Stills From Ghostbusters Reboot

Is director Paul Feig’s “Ghostbusters” reboot slowly winning over naysayers? Not quite, but with each new image released, tiny glimmers of hope are starting to shine through. I’ve always thought the casting was fine (gimmickry aside), so the major concern now is whether the filmmakers can do justice to the premise. Speaking of the cast,Continue Reading

Setpics From Ghostbusters Remake Reveals Ernie Hudson Cameo

Filming for the controversial “Ghostbusters” remake saw its last day over the weekend in New York city. Comings managed to capture some images from the set, showing the principal cast of ladies in costume but out of their spook-slamming uniforms. But that’s not the interesting stuff. What’s interesting is that spotted among the cast wasContinue Reading

Original Ghostbusters Cast To Cameo In Remake

So much for artistic integrity and all that. Bill Murray, the star of Ivan Reitman’s beloved “Ghostbusters”, has always resisted a third outing, citing reasons ranging from the script not being up to par to skepticism whether the franchise warranted any more sequels. And yet, today we’ve gotten confirmation that Murray will be appearing inContinue Reading

Female Ghostbusters Cast Visit Hospital Patients In Costume

The all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot is still getting tonnes of ill-will, despite the filmmakers’ best efforts to convince longtime fans that it’s not a terrible idea. Now, the cast has come together in a goodwill PR stunt that is meant to generate some positive vibes. The four leading ladies dropped by a Boston Hospital over theContinue Reading

First Official Look & Names Revealed For Female Ghostbusters

Director Paul Feig seems to be on a mission to earn some goodwill for his controversial all-female “Ghostbusters” reboot. So far, he’s revealed the cast’s costumes and their gear, and today (via Twitter) he revealed the names of the four core team members. They are, in order of the official pic below from left toContinue Reading

First Look! New Ghostbusters Proton Packs

Yesterday, we posted a first look at the all-female Ghostbusters uniforms, and the feeling was that Paul Feig was sticking fairly closely to the original film’s designs. Today, the director of the controversial reboot posted the most crucial element of Ghostbusting — the Proton Pack. And it looks like Feig is indeed going by theContinue Reading