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Emotional Intelligence

Marie B gets inside the head of Pixar’s “Inside Out” and discovers a whole lot of heart. Could this be one of the year’s best films?…

Inside Out Trailer 2

Pixar’s latest sees a young girl struggling with growing up when two of her 5 emotions are lost, and the other 3 have to rescue them…

Inside Out Full Trailer

Pixar’s first original effort in a while explores what happens inside the mind of a young girl and her parents, where the basic emotions are personified in 5 wacky characters…

New! Character Posters For Pixar’s Inside Out

Next year, we have a Pixar bonanza heading our way, with two new animated releases. One of them’s a rather unusual — and I must say — original piece called “Inside Out”. It’s about a young girl and her emotions that are personified in 5 characters. You can see who and what they are inContinue Reading

First Look & Story Details: Pixar’s Inside Out

This year is the first year in a decade that we are not getting a Pixar film. That was caused by the company’s internal struggles with their material and the creatives behind them. “The Good Dinosaur” was put on the back-burner while those issues are sorted out. Meanwhile, Pixar has been working on another projectContinue Reading