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Sci-Fi Comedy Space Station 76 Reveals Cast & Story Details

We don’t get very many sci-fi comedies. Not good ones, at least. Stuff like “Galaxy Quest” aren’t easy to come by, as it’s hard to get the right balance between laughs and geek thrills. Here comes a new film that aims to do that. Today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on a new independentContinue Reading

New! Viral Posters For Robot & Frank

The term “viral” is bandied about much too easily nowadays. You can’t really “do” a viral campaign, you can do a good piece of work, and then hope it goes viral through the net, or good ol’ word-of-mouth. Having said that, these new posters for the independent arthouse-ish film “Robot & Frank” are quite cool.Continue Reading

Robot & Frank Trailer

This independent film has been getting rave reviews at film festivals like Sundance. It’s set in the near future where an old man is forced by his son to be looked after by a robot…