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Star Wars Goes Rogue

Plagued by reshoots and uncertainty over whether it would work as a spinoff, does “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” overcome or succumb to its issues?…

Disney To Make Indiana Jones 5 For 2019 Release

Here we go. After months of speculation about whether Lucasfilm/Walt Disney Pictures would do a reboot or sequel for “Indiana Jones”, it looks like we’re getting the latter. So much for all that jazz about whether Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper would don the fedora, jacket and whip. It’s still very much Harrison Ford, ladiesContinue Reading

Feel The Force

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is both a sequel and a franchise re-igniter. Director JJ Abrams brings back the magic, but has he brought along too much of the old movies?…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer

The magic is back, as this new footage takes us back to that galaxy far, far away, while introducing us to new heroes and villains…

New! Star Wars The Force Awakens Poster Reveals New Details

We are getting the final trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” tomorrow! In anticipation of the year’s most highly-anticipated movie, Lucasfilm and Walt Disney Pictures have released a brand new poster and banner. And apart from the quality of the artwork itself (a slight improvement over the SDCC version), a couple of things standContinue Reading

The Lego Movie Directors To Do Han Solo Movie

Whoa, BIG news today! While Lucasfilm has confirmed that they’re not going to feature any footage from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” at this weekend’s SDCC, the studio has gone ahead and dropped a big announcement anyway. “The LEGO Movie” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have been officially signed on to direct a “StarContinue Reading

Lucasfilm Confirms New Indiana Jones Movie Being Planned

When Walt Disney Pictures bought over Lucasfilm, they didn’t just get “Star Wars”. It came with a number of other properties, and the other potential giant cash cow is Indiana Jones. While it was never a surprise that the studio would someday go about making more Indy adventures, nothing had been confirmed. Until now. TheContinue Reading

Director Josh Trank Exits Star Wars Boba Fett Film

It was only a matter of time. There’d been lots of talk behind the scenes of the “Fantastic Four” reboot directed by Josh Trank (“Chroncle”). Most of it negative in nature — especially regarding Trank’s conduct — which, according the The Hollywood Reporter saw him “indecisive and uncommunicative at times”. This angered many people workingContinue Reading