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Hans Zimmer To Retire From Scoring Superhero Music

German composer Hans Zimmer is truly one of the greats. Anyone who manages to follow up on John Williams’ legendary Superman theme with something that not only holds its own but is actually a damn fine score in its own right (“Man Of Steel”) deserves to be called one of the greats. Then there’s hisContinue Reading

Jesse Eisenberg Talks Lex Luthor In Man Of Steel Sequel

After all the excitement over Batman’s new suit and ride, we thought it’s only right to swing the focus back to Superman’s side. After all, the “Man Of Steel” sequel should be about the Man of Steel. Sorta. Today, we bring you word from the guy who will be playing Supes’ greatest adversary. IGN caughtContinue Reading

3 Actors Added To Man Of Steel Sequel

While we haven’t seen a peep on the pre-production for the “Man Of Steel” sequel, the studio has been updating us on casting developments. They’ve just gotten 3 new actors for their already extensive line-up, and apparently they will be playing newly-created characters and not existing ones from the DC comic universe. Interestingly, Callan MulveyContinue Reading

Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson Talks Wonder Woman’s Look In Man Of Steel Sequel

Michael Wilkinson is one of Hollywood’s top go-to guys when it comes to designing the costumes for superhero and fantasy flicks. You’ve seen his work on “300”, “Watchmen”, “Sky High”, “Tron: Legacy”, Sucker Punch” and “Man Of Steel”. He’s nominated for an Oscar for “American Hustle”, and on the red carpet for today’s ceremony, TheWrapContinue Reading

Gal Gadot Shows Off New Muscles In Prep To Play Wonder Woman

Israeli model-turned-actress Gal Gadot, who experienced what it was like to suffer fanboy wrath when she was cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Man Of Steel” sequel, has been determined to prove she has what it takes. The complaints were that she was too skinny to pull off playing an Amazonian warrior-goddess. So GadotContinue Reading

Man Of Steel 2 Producer Talks Batman Casting

You might not be familiar with the name Michael Uslan, but he’s been the producer on every single Batman film since Tim Burton’s 1989 big screen version. Yes, including rubbish instalments like “Batman & Robin”. His involvement continues into the next “Man Of Steel” film, since Batman plays a major part in it. EP DailyContinue Reading

Lex Luthor & Alfred Roles Cast In Man Of Steel 2

Well, this came out of nowhere. After months of wild speculation and wishful thinking, fanboys and industry players alike were completely blindsided by the casting of Superman’s main nemesis Lex Luthor. Names that had been thrown around included one-time baldies Mark Strong (“Green Lantern”) and Bryan Cranston (TV’s “Breaking Bad”). Turns out they went inContinue Reading

Argo Writer To Rewrite Script For Man Of Steel Sequel

Many fans have been complaining that “Man Of Steel’s” biggest kryptonite wasn’t Kryptonite, but David S. Goyer. He’s the guy who co-wrote the Superman reboot, along with a great deal of other superhero adaptations. Goyer is good at set-ups and has a deep working knowledge of the comicbook universes, especially DC’s. But his ear forContinue Reading