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TJ Miller Talks Star Wars Influences In Ready Player One

Comedic actor T.J. Miller (“Deadpool”) will be in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of “Ready Player One”, but his character is a brand new creation and not found in the book (written by Ernest Cline). So very little is known about Miller’s character, named i-R0k. Fandango just did an interview with him, which has shed some lightContinue Reading

Dunkirk Trailer

Christopher Nolan’s epic World War II film centres around the mass evacuation of Allied troops while under bombardment from the enemy…

Dunkirk On Set Video Reveals World War II Action

As you might have noticed by now, director Christopher Nolan doesn’t do things halfway. He goes all out to bring his vision to life, and he’ll do his level best to avoid CG unless he has no choice. On his latest film, the World War II epic “Dunkirk”, leaked on-set images have revealed that NolanContinue Reading

First Look! On The Set Of Nolan’s War Film Dunkirk

When it was first announced that Christopher Nolan was working on a World War II film, people got excited. After all, this is a filmmaker known for his sense of the epic, so a war film is the perfect subject matter. Since then, Nolan has gotten right down to business, and filming for “Dunkirk” isContinue Reading

Ready Player One Gives Viewers A Chance To Be Featured In The Film

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the bestselling novel “Ready Player One” is now in pre-production, and it’s a welcome return to science-fiction for the master filmmaker who gave us “E.T.” and “Minority Report”. And the most exciting thing is, we the audience stand a chance to be a part of the film! Here’s a video call-to-actionContinue Reading

The BFG Full Trailer

Steven Spielberg directs this classic tale by Roald Dahl about a little girl who is taken away by a giant to a magical land…

The BFG Teaser Trailer

Steven Spielberg takes on the classic story by Roald Dahl, about a girl who is whisked away by a Big Friendly Giant to a magic world…

Spielberg’s Spy Thriller Gets Title & Story Details

That image above is your first look at director Steven Spielberg’s latest effort, a dramatic espionage thriller starring Tom Hanks. The two-time Best Actor Oscar winner stars as a lawyer caught up in the case of a lifetime during the height of the Cold War. The film has just received its official title, and itContinue Reading