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Andrew Garfield Talks Scorsese’s Religious Epic Silence

Martin Scorsese’s long-delayed “Silence” has been gathering a whole lot of curiosity. The film, which is set in ancient Japan and follows the exploits of Christian missionaries, is seen as a major awards potential. Assuming it’s any good of course. The director appears to be more concerned with the reactions of the Catholic Church, withContinue Reading

Silence Trailer

Liam Neeson and Andrew Garfield star in Martin Scorsese’s intense drama about Christian missionaries in feudal Japan…

FBI Seizes Malaysian-Linked Assets Of Wolf Of Wall Street Producers

Here’s some news you’ll never find reported in Malaysian news portals. Why? Well, we all know why. Any local with his/her head not stuck in the sand is well aware of the controversies that have dogged our government. Specifically, the whole 1MDB debacle, and the systematic denial by said government of any wrongdoing. Well, thisContinue Reading

Scorsese’s Big Bad Wolf

Foreign contributor Dennis Perez is back with his take on Martin Scorsese’s latest Oscar hopeful “The Wolf Of Wall Street”. Is this deserving of the acclaim?…

The Wolf Of Wall Street Trailer 2

Martin Scorsese directs this true story of corporate excess and greed, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConnaughey…

The Wolf Of Wall Street Trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this true story of the spectacular rise and fall of a morally bankrupt, drug-addicted Wall Street stockbroker…

Scorsese And DiCaprio To Reunite For The Wolf Of Wall Street

Leonardo DiCaprio is the new Robert DeNiro. Well, as far as being director Martin Scorsese’s new muse, he is. The duo have worked together on 4 feature films now, so something must be going right for them. Today, Red Granite Pictures announced that Scorsese and DiCaprio will reunite for a fifth time, for an adaptationContinue Reading

Movie: The Movie!

Humour: This is the movie to end all movies, featuring every genre you can possibly think of, starring practically everyone in Hollywood…