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Benedict Cumbatch Introduces Marvel’s New Charity Effort

Marvel Studios has not only been bringing delight to audiences of all ages, they also get their actively involved in good deeds behind the scenes. But now, they’re really committing to a charity effort in the form of an official organisation. And who better to make the announcement than Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. Today,Continue Reading

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Concept Art Show New Space Monster

Director James Gunn is hard at work on “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and so far, we know very little about the plot. Some footage was shown at last month’s SDCC, but that stuff was pretty vague too. We do know that it’ll feature Kurt Russell(!) as Starlord’s dad, and a possible cameo byContinue Reading

New Movie Posters & Logos Debut At SDCC

The San Diego Comic Con just concluded over the weekend, and while this year didn’t see as much in the way of massive announcements and reveals, there was still plenty for geeks to drool over. We’ve collected some of the more noteworthy stuff to make their debut at SDCC, starting with some posters. My favouriteContinue Reading

New Concept Art & Cast Members For Thor: Ragnarok Revealed

Today, Marvel Studios announced a bunch of new additions to “Thor: Ragnarok”. One of them had already been known a couple of months ago but this makes it official. That would be Oscar winner Cate Blanchett as the main villain, Hela. Then we have the always watchable Jeff Goldblum, playing an eccentric (aren’t ALL hisContinue Reading

Kevin Feige Talks Marvel’s Phase Three Movies

This year, Marvel Studios’ Phase Three kicks off with “Captain America: Civil War”. It promises to lead into the biggest, most far-reaching phase yet, both in terms of scope and implication. Empire mag managed to speak to studio head Kevin Feige to get some details on what to expect. First, the question arose about possibleContinue Reading

Tom Holland On Playing Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man

When it comes to Spider-Man, anyone making a new movie version will have tonnes of baggage to deal with, in addition to the incredibly vast amount of material from the comic book’s history. When Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios decided to share this most precious property between them, fans were understandably happy, though there stillContinue Reading

Marvel Announces Ant-Man & Wasp Team-up Movie

Marvel Studios dropped some pretty surprising news today that no one saw coming. There’s been a slight shift in their Phase Three plans, with a number of new movies being announced and some already announced ones seeing a change in release dates. The big news is that we’re getting a follow-up to “Ant-Man”, but notContinue Reading

Marvel Downsizes

“Ant-Man” is Marvel’s riskiest venture yet, with a barely-known superhero and a long history of production problems. But is this the little movie that could?…