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Ben Affleck To Direct Courtroom Drama Witness For The Prosecution

Ben Affleck is a busy bee. Apart from taking on the Batman, he’s got a whole bunch of projects. One of my year’s most anticipated films is one directed by him, the Prohibition-era crime thriller “Live By Night”. Before that he’s got assassin actioner “The Accountant”. Now, we’ve gotten word that Affleck is taking onContinue Reading

The Great Wall Director Responds To Accusations Of Whitewashed Casting

When the teaser trailer for Zhang Yimou’s joint Hollywood-China production “The Great Wall” debuted online, it received a lot of backlash. Among others, US-based Taiwanese actress Constance Wu (TV’s “Fresh Off The Boat”) wrote an impassioned critique about the casting of Matt Damon in the lead role. This was seen as whitewashing, a case ofContinue Reading

The Great Wall Teaser Trailer

Matt Damon stars in this epic fantasy directed by Zhang Yimou, about an army fighting against a giant monster in ancient China…

Video: Matt Damon Recaps The Bourne Trilogy In 90 Seconds

Having a hard time remembering the events of The Bourne Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum? Universal Pictures has revealed a new featurette in which star Matt Damon gives you the ultimate Bourne Trilogy primer is just 90 seconds, providing the perfect way to play catchup in time for the fourth film Jason Bourne. Check it outContinue Reading

Jason Bourne Movie Clips

Matt Damon is back as the super-assassin in these 3 bits of footage that give us a little drama and a lot of action…

Jason Bourne Trailer

Matt Damon is back as the troubled assassin, in this sequel that pits him against new government agents in a deadly search for the truth…

Jason Bourne Super Bowl TV Spot

The haunted super-assassin is back, and this time he is being hunted for a totally different reason…

New! Bourne 5 Spotted On Location in Germany

Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass have reunited for the 5th Jason Bourne film. The title hasn’t even been revealed, and plot details are next to non-existent at this point. But we do know that something brings the haunted former assassin out of hiding, and it takes him to Germany. Because that’s where they’re currentlyContinue Reading