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Snowden SDCC Trailer

Controversial director Oliver Stone and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the equally controversial Edward Snowden in this espionage thriller…

Snowden Trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this biopic about the former CIA analyst who infamously leaked highly-classified information and was hunted down as a traitor…

London Has Fallen Full Trailer

The sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” sees the US President once again under siege, this time in the British capital as it crumbles under a ruthless terrorist attack…

The Big Short Trailer

Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling star in this drama based on a true story about how a group of outsiders took advantage of the 2005 global financial crisis…

London Has Fallen Teaser Trailer

This sequel to “Olympus Has Fallen” sees Gerard Butler’s secret service agent taking on terrorists in England, together with Aaron Eckhart’s US President…

First Look! Posters For Action Sequel London Has Fallen

The “Die Hard” rip-off “Olympus Has Fallen” wasn’t particularly good, but it somehow managed to make $161 million worldwide. So Focus Features decided it was safe to hazard a sequel, this time moving the action from the White House to the UK. Thus, “London Has Fallen”. Original director Antoine Fuqua declined to return, but itsContinue Reading

First Look! Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Political Biopic Snowden

If you’ve never heard of the name Edward Snowden, director Oliver Stone (“JFK”) would like to change that. The pic above should give you a rough idea of what he was about. The biopic “Snowden” will see Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role of the infamous NSA whistleblower, and filming has already begun despite beingContinue Reading

Plot Details Revealed For Action Sequel London Has Fallen

Though the first movie “Olympus Has Fallen” was a distinctly mediocre affair, it made just about enough money for the bean counters to greenlight a sequel. This time, the action moves to the UK, so the title is “London Has Fallen”. According to Millennium Films and Focus Features, principal photography has just begun, with mostContinue Reading