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Sam Mendes Not Returning To Direct Next Bond Film

After two outings in the director’s chair, Sam Mendes has decided to call it quits. The Associated Press broke the news today that Mendes will not be directing the next James Bond film. The “Skyfall” and “SPECTRE” helmer was at the Hay Festival in Wales, and he confirmed with this statement: “It was an incredibleContinue Reading

Bond 24 Looking To Create Iconic New Henchman

Although “Skyfall” was a massive critical and financial hit back in 2012, the studio hasn’t exactly been in a great hurry to make the next instalment. MGM has been taking the time to develop the 24th James Bond film properly, which can only be a good thing. Director Sam Mendes is back along with starContinue Reading

TV Series The Outer Limits To Become Feature Film

Most people reading this will be too young to remember this classic 1960s TV series called “The Outer Limits”. Unless you watched the episodes as reruns on the net. It was basically a more sci-fi heavy version of “The Twilight Zone”, another anthology show. And just like that show, this one is getting the bigContinue Reading

Pink Panther To Be Remade As Live-Action/Animation Hybrid

“The Pink Panther” is one of those properties that always seems to be hovering in the background of pop culture awareness, without really coming to the fore. People know it more for the famous theme tune by Henry Mancini. Occasionally, there is the odd feature film, like the two ill-advised flicks with Steve Martin aContinue Reading

Screenwriter John Logan Talks 24th Bond Film

Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Logan worked on the last James Bond film “Skyfall”. Electroshadow was not impressed with certain story and character decisions he made which made Bond look incompetent. In any case, the man’s back to script the 24th (official) Bond outing. And he’s got a few things to say about it (via Empire). SpeakingContinue Reading

Rage Against The Machine

“RoboCop” is a remake of a revered sci-fi classic. Can a director with more cerebral intentions fight studio cynicism and turn this into a worthy update?…

Screenwriter John Logan Discusses Next Bond Film

After the success of the Craig-era James Bond films it was only natural that the studio (MGM) would want to continue down that creative path laid by Martin Campbell (“Casino Royale”) and solidified by Sam Mendes (“Skyfall”). So far, there haven’t been many details about the upcoming 24th James Bond film, beyond the foregone conclusionContinue Reading

Director For 24th Bond Film Confirmed

Yes, it is who you think it is. I’ll let the official press release do the talking… “CULVER CITY, Calif., July 11, 2013 – Producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, EON Productions; Gary Barber, Chairman & CEO, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer; Michael Lynton, CEO, Sony Entertainment, Inc, and Amy Pascal, Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment today announcedContinue Reading