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A Cure For Wellness Trailer

From the director of “Pirates Of The Caribbean” comes this weird, surreal thriller about a man whose miraculous spa treatments are not what they seem…

NSFW! New Poster For Arthouse Porno Nymphomaniac

Apparently, director Lars von Trier’s artistic pornography “Nymphomaniac” is so epic in length that it needs to be split into two parts of feature film-length. And now they’ve got a poster for “Part One” that will either turn you on or leave you traumatised. For be warned, it features Shia LaBeouf naked and about toContinue Reading

New! Shocking Character Posters For Lars Von Trier’s Nymphomaniac

This made my day. Director Lars Von Trier, who is no stranger to controversy, is raking up a storm again with his next film “Nymphomaniac”. Not only is the content a guaranteed NC-17 with its reported full-frontal nudity and hardcore sex scenes, he has now taken that brazen approach to his marketing as well. OverContinue Reading