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Ant-Man & The Wasp Trailer

The shrinking Avenger returns, and this time he’s got a partner…

Peyton Reed Talks Ant-Man & The Wasp

Despite its infamous behind-the-scenes troubles, “Ant-Man” turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It also made over half a billion US dollars worldwide, and a sequel is now something I’m looking forward to, minus the production issues. Director Peyton Reed is himself greatly anticipating another go at the characters for the sequel “Ant-Man & TheContinue Reading

Marvel Downsizes

“Ant-Man” is Marvel’s riskiest venture yet, with a barely-known superhero and a long history of production problems. But is this the little movie that could?…

New Wasp Costume From Ant-Man

This counts as a spoiler only if you still haven’t seen Marvel’s “Ant-Man”. Of course, if you have seen the movie, and you did stay for the post-end credits scenes you’ll already have gotten a glimpse of what Evangeline Lilly is going to look like as Wasp. But this is a nice still image forContinue Reading

Ant-Man Viral Video 2 Features Hero’s Criminal Past

Last week, we posted the first in what is turning out to be a series of viral marketing videos in the form of news reports. Today, the fictitious WHIH Newsfront is back wth a new report hosted by Christine Everheart (played by Leslie Bibb), a character who appeared in the first two “Iron Man” films.Continue Reading

Ant-Man Viral Video Showcases Character From Iron Man

We’re just two weeks out from the premiere of “Ant-Man” and Marvel Studios has been stepping up their marketing blitz for the troubled superhero standalone flick. The latest is a viral marketing video in the form of a clip for a faux news show called NewsFront, and it’s hosted by a familiar face from theContinue Reading

Ant-Man Viral Video Highlights Villain Yellowjacket

One of the biggest complaints about Marvel superhero movies is the lack of strong villains. Hopefully, “Ant-Man” will give us a Big Bad more along the lines of Loki rather than Malekith. Design-wise, Yellowjacket sure looks pretty darn badass, and it’s played by Corey Stoll (TV’s “The Strain”), who has so far come off nicelyContinue Reading

New! Ant-Man Posters Feature The Avengers

A lot of people have been saying that “Ant-Man” is going to be Marvel Studios’ first big flop. Clearly these people have learned nothing of Marvel’s ability to turn seemingly questionable properties into winners. While the final movie in Phase Two might not match the Box Office earnings of say, “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” itContinue Reading