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Hasbro’s Shared Movie Universe To Include MASK, Micronauts, Visionaries & ROM

Earlier this year, Paramount Pictures announced that they had plans to create a shared cinematic universe out of their joint venture with toy company Hasbro, a la Marvel Studios. This would be spearheaded by their main cash cow, “Transformers”, along with also-ran “G.I. Joe”. Today, the studio revealed that they now will throw in theContinue Reading

Writers Talk Approach To JJ Abram’s Micronauts Adaptation

See that image above? It’s from Marvel Comics’ early 80s run of the “Micronauts” series. Late last year, it was announced that director JJ Abrams had plans to adapt this property into a live-action feature film. But it won’t be of the comic version pictured here. Rather, it’s gonna be based on the original toyContinue Reading

Star Trek Director Producing Micronauts Comic Adaptation

Anyone remember the Micronauts? No? Thought not. ¬†It’s one of those lesser-known properties that was popular for a time and then faded into obscurity. The Micronauts¬†began life as a toy line by Takara in the 70s, then was adapted by Marvel as a sci-fi comic book series. I remember following the comics through the 80s,Continue Reading