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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Teaser Trailer

Milla Jovovich returns in the last instalment in the long-running videogame adaptation. Once again, Alice is hell-bent on bringing down the Umbrella Corporation for good…

Survivor Trailer

Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich star in this espionage thriller about a woman on the run from a ruthless assassin and the government after being framed for a bombing…

First Look! Resident Evil Retribution

Screen Gems keeps giving money to auteur of the awful Paul W.S. Anderson to keep churning out barely-watchable crap. For some inexplicable reason, his movies keep turning a decent profit. I suppose the studio has a business model that works: make it for cheap, retain the core creative team, and don’t stray too far fromContinue Reading

Resident Evil: Retribution Teaser Trailer

Milla Jovovich returns in the 5th part of the franchise based on the popular videogame. This time, the story takes a flashback to past events…

Extras Injured On Set Of Resident Evil 5

It’s a hard life, being a movie extra. The hours are long, the pay’s crap, and you’d be lucky if you’re on screen for more than 5 seconds. Now, you can add injury to insult. The City News Toronto today reported that a group of 11 actors dressed as zombies were hurt during the filmingContinue Reading

The Three Musketeers Trailer

The legendary French swordsmen are back in this re-imagining, now with Matrix-style bullet time and Steampunk machinery…

Danger Girl Comic To Get Live-Action Movie

“Danger Girl” is one of those comic titles created expressly for horny male nerds. Honestly, I have no issue with depicting sexy women in comics. And I’m as red-blooded as the next guy. But this one always struck me as being a little desperate, with cheap titillation (ha!) in place of genuine inventiveness or craft.Continue Reading