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Alien: Covenant Teaser Poster Reveals Creature & New Release Date

Despite director Ridley Scott’s repeated insistence that “Prometheus” was not a direct prequel to his own 1979 classic “Alien”, it was clear to anyone who saw the movie that it very much served as a lead-in to the original. Now, with his follow-up “Alien: Covenant”, Scott has all but dropped the pretence. I mean, it’sContinue Reading

Alien Prequel Gets New Title, Synopsis & Release Date

Ridley Scott is really being all gung about his return to the “Alien” universe. First, he cockblocked director Neill Blomkamp’s proposed “Alien 5” in favour of his own sequel to the prequel “Prometheus”. Then he talked up a storm about it, revealing the title and his plans for the next few instalments. Now, Scott’s movieContinue Reading

Ridley Scott Discusses Prometheus Sequel

While I await “The Martian” with bated breath, director Ridley Scott has some updates on another science-fiction project. Namely, the sequel to the highly-divisive “Prometheus”. Although the “Alien” prequel was panned by many critics (not Electroshadow) and made only an okay amount of money, Scott has been pushing to get the follow-up made. And itContinue Reading

Poster & Story Details: Sci-Fi Thriller Rupture

principals Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi today announced that have been cast in the sci-fi adventure thriller Rupture, starring Noomi Rapace (“Prometheus”) and . Noomi Rapace never quite got the sci-fi franchise she deserved with “Prometheus”. The sequel is still probably going to happen, but after what Disney did to “Tron”, I wouldn’t be surprisedContinue Reading

Child 44 Trailer

Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman star in this murder mystery set in 1950s Soviet Russia, about the hunt for a serial killer who preys on young boys…

Ridley Scott Talks About Aliens In Prometheus Sequel

“Prometheus 2” was originally slated to premiere 4th March 2016, but looks like things have changed a little. Part of it has to do with director Ridley Scott being too bogged down in project after project. The other reason is due to the struggles the sequel has had in finding its story. Scott revealed recentlyContinue Reading

Prometheus Sequel Officially Moving Ahead

Many people out there hated “Prometheus” for the dunder-headed characterisation and plot contrivances that tried to forcefit a standalone story into the “Alien” universe. For all its flaws, the film is a actually highly watchable and is a visual masterpiece. It is after all, a Ridley Scott film. For all its ambition on and offContinue Reading

Philip Seymour Hoffman & Tom Hardy To Star In Action Drama Child 44

Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman isn’t exactly an action star, though that might slowly change. He has forayed into the genre before with “Mission Impossible 3”, and now he’s set to star in another one called “Child 44”. Hoffman’s name has just been confirmed and he joins Tom Hardy, who’s no stranger to action. TheContinue Reading