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Ryan Reynolds Tries To Enter Deadpool For Oscars

20th Century Fox is currently laughing all the way to the bank with the massive success of “Deadpool”. Made for just US$58 million (not including the budget for its groundbreaking and brilliant marketing campaign), the superhero movie has made over $500 million at the worldwide Box Office so far. Making it the biggest opening weekendContinue Reading

Full List Of 87th Academy Awards Nominations Announced

Alright folks, it’s in. Late last night, nominations for the 87h Academy Awards were announced by Cheryl Boone Isaacs, President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, along with actor Chris Pine, plus directors JJ Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron. The announcement ceremony was held ‘live’ at the Academy‚Äôs Samuel Goldwyn Theater in BeverlyContinue Reading

Singer Pharrell Williams To Perform At Oscars

After winning at the recent Grammys for his collaboration with Daft Punk (woohoo!), multi-hyphenate Pharrell Williams is turning his attention to the movie world. The singer-songwriter-producer has been engaged to perform at the next Oscars show in March. He will be singing “Happy”, from Dreamworks Animation’s “Despicable Me 2”. I say great, as the OscarsContinue Reading

Oscars Host Seth MacFarlane In 4 Promo Spots

In case you didn’t know, Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind TV’s “The Family Guy” and “Ted”, will be hosting the Oscars. That’s an unusual choice, but at least the Academy is trying new things to bring in the viewership, which has been steadily dropping in the last decade. This morning, MacFarlane and actress Emma StoneContinue Reading

85th Academy Awards Nominations Announced

Every year, Oscar-watchers get all ecstatic or outraged over the nomination choices. This year, the choices hold some surprises as they normally do, but at least there are some pleasant surprises too. For one, no one really expected tiny indie film “Beasts Of The Southern Wild” to get so much love from the Academy. ItContinue Reading

Ted Director Seth MacFarlane To Host 2013 Oscars

Seth MacFarlane, the guy behind TV’s “The Family Guy” and hit teddy bear comedy “Ted” with Mark Wahlberg, has been hired to be the host of the 85th Academy Awards next year. This comes as a surprise to pundits who expected more established hosting names like Billy Crystal or Billy Crystal to return. MacFarlane issuedContinue Reading

Oscars 2012 Winners List & Image Gallery

Yawn. That was largely Electroshadow’s reaction to the Oscars this year. The indignation at several underserving and outright baffling nominations/omissions has given way to indifference. And last night’s broadcast did little to change the feeling that the Oscars is slowly becoming a waste of the film lover’s time. Except for the crafting categories, perhaps, whereContinue Reading

2012 Oscars Poster Revealed

The 84th Academy Awards are around the corner. To start up the hype machine, a poster was unveiled today to the entertainment press around the world. It’s nice to know that Electroshadow is considered part of the “entertainment press”. Here’s some background info on the poster by Comingsoon.net, sourced from The Academy of Motion PicturesContinue Reading