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Wonder Trailer

Oscar nominees Julia Roberts and Jacob Tremblay star in this moving family drama about a little boy with a terrible disfigurement trying to live a normal life…

Cars 3 Full Trailer

Lightning McQueen is back but this time he is facing his toughest challenge yet: the fact that he may be too old to compete anymore…

Cars 3 Teaser Trailer

Lightning McQueen is back in this Pixar sequel, but this time he may be in for the fight of his life…

Zoolander 2 Viral Videos

Check out two hilarious viral videos for the upcoming comedy sequel: 73 questions with Zoolander by Vogue magazine, and a fake ad for a skin cream called Youth Milk…

New! Zoolander 2 Fashion Posters

Comedy sequels very rarely turn out well. Regardless of the quality of “Zoolander 2”, the marketing for it has so far been pretty ace. The posters in particular are inspired, as parodies of the fashion/fragrance industry. Good work guys. Now let’s hope the movie itself is as clever. And yes, I do realise the ironyContinue Reading

New! Zoolander 2 Character Posters

I’ve no idea ho funny the sequel to “Zealander” will be (the trailers give some idea but so far have been hit & miss). But I do very much like the marketing for it so far. From fashion/cologne ad parodies to these character posters, there is an element of wit and sly ridiculousness here thatContinue Reading

Zoolander 2 Trailer

This sequel to the hit comedy sees Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson returning as the dimwitted male models who try to make a comeback only to realise the fashion world has changed…

New! Zoolander 2 Posters Showcase The Blue Steel Look

Paramount Pictures (via IGN and Fashionista) has just debuted the latest looks from Cinema’s dumbest male models! Actually, it’s not even a “new” look per se, as “Blue Steel” was one of Derek Zoolander’s signature expressions in the first movie. He’s revived it via a pair of posters, the first one a cute parody ofContinue Reading