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First Look! John Boyega In Pacific Rim Sequel

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” wasn’t the Box Office behemoth that Legendary Pictures had hoped. But it made enough money (thanks to China) to warrant a sequel. But del Toro chose not to direct, and so there’s fresh blood both behind and in front of the camera. Taking over from Idris Elba is fellow BritContinue Reading

Godzilla & Pacific Rim Sequels Get New Titles

Legendary Pictures’ plan for a shared universe of monsters got off to an okay but not spectacular start with the Gareth Edwards-directed “Godzilla”. The idea was to introduce King Kong in next year’s “Kong: Skull Island” and then have the two of them eventually duking it out. Then there’s also the “Pacific Rim” (would-be) franchiseContinue Reading