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Wonder Woman Trailer 2

This new trailer gives us a glimpse of Diana’s origins as an Amazonian princess on the mystical island of Thermiscyra…

Gal Gadot Talks Feminism & Backlash For Wonder Woman

It’s hard being a role model for females nowadays. It seems like you have to constantly tread on eggshells to avoid offending the easily offended — who are sadly way too numerous lately. Even if you’re just being you, the danger of not being or living up to some unrealistic or flat-out unhealthy ideal isContinue Reading

Wonder Woman Full Trailer

This full trailer showcases more of the mythical Thermyscira and the Amazonians, while fleshing out the World War I setting…

Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman’s Female Perspective

Warner Bros/DC has more at stake with “Wonder Woman” beyond the obvious financial performance. Beating Marvel to the punch, it’s the first female superhero movie we’re getting. Which means they have to get it right in terms of how she’s portrayed and how she will be perceived by a world that is not only inContinue Reading

Wonder Woman SDCC Trailer

The very first footage premiered at SDCC, showing off the world of the Amazonians and the World War I setting where mankind first meets Wonder Woman…

Wonder Woman Plot Details Revealed

I don’t know about you, but after “Batman v Superman” I am pretty excited for the “Wonder Woman” solo film. Heck, I’m excited about all the upcoming DCEU followups. But with Oscar-winning director Patty Jenkins (“Monster”) and surprise revelation Gal Gadot, I think we’re in for a solid, maybe even great, superhero movie. But weContinue Reading

First Look! The Amazons Of Wonder Woman

“Batman v Superman” hasn’t exactly been well-received by critics. But one general consensus is that Wonder Woman (played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot) is one of the highlights of the movie. Which is good news for her solo movie, out next year. Diana is actually a demi-god hailing from the ancient kingdom of Themyscira, andContinue Reading

Chris Pine Talks The Difference A Female Director Makes In Wonder Woman

There’s been some debate in Hollywood about whether hiring women for female-centric films or Black filmmakers for films that centre around African culture or history is the right thing to do. Chris Pine, the male lead in the DC Comics superheroine film “Wonder Woman” clearly feels it is. Last night, Pine appeared on Jimmy KimmelContinue Reading