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Life Trailer

Sci-fi thriller stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal as astronauts on a space station who discover an alien life-form, with deadly results…

John Wick Director Will Take On Deadpool 2

As we reported previously, “Deadpool” director Tim Miller decided to drop out of the sequel due to creative differences with star Ryan Reynolds. The question then naturally was, who’d take his place? Well, we have our answer now. The Hollywood Reporter today broke the (good) news that the replacement director will be none other thanContinue Reading

Ryan Reynolds Tries To Enter Deadpool For Oscars

20th Century Fox is currently laughing all the way to the bank with the massive success of “Deadpool”. Made for just US$58 million (not including the budget for its groundbreaking and brilliant marketing campaign), the superhero movie has made over $500 million at the worldwide Box Office so far. Making it the biggest opening weekendContinue Reading

Video: Deadpool Mocks Australia’s National Day & Wolverine

The Land Down Under celebrates Australia Day on 26th January, and just for a random laugh, the makers of “Deadpool” decided to greet Australians with a special video message. Add this to the already legendary marketing campaign of a movie that is fast gaining traction as a must-see among the general moviegoing public. So here’sContinue Reading

Ryan Reynolds Teases Deadpool Costume

Ryan Reynolds is being given a second chance at playing Deadpool, after the awful, bastardised version we got in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. The general consensus was that it wasn’t his fault, so now the Merc with a Mouth is getting his own standalone movie, thanks to 20th Century Fox’s insistence on turning the character intoContinue Reading

Writers Talk Approach To JJ Abram’s Micronauts Adaptation

See that image above? It’s from Marvel Comics’ early 80s run of the “Micronauts” series. Late last year, it was announced that director JJ Abrams had plans to adapt this property into a live-action feature film. But it won’t be of the comic version pictured here. Rather, it’s gonna be based on the original toyContinue Reading