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New! Poster For Disaster Epic Pompeii

When much-derided director Paul WS Anderson revealed that he was making a disaster movie, the jokes pretty much wrote themselves. “Well, of COURSE it’ll be a disaster.” Etc etc. As bad as it may turn out to be, TriStar Pictures has been marketing this with the confidence that it’ll do well at the Box Office.Continue Reading

Pompeii Full Trailer

From the director of the “Resident Evil” saga comes this historical epic about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and the inhabitants of the city below it who are caught in its path…

Grace Of Monaco Teaser Trailer

Nicole Kidman plays legendary 50s actress Grace Kelly during the period in her life when she moved from being Hollywood royalty to becoming actual royalty…

First Look! Nicole Kidman As Princess Grace Of Monaco

The Weinstein Company has a knack for spotting and securing prestige projects that later turn into heavyweight awards contenders/winners. Their latest one is a biopic about legendary 1950s actress Grace Kelly, who married into European royalty to become Her Serene Highness The Princess Of Monaco. Yes that’s an actual title. The film is titled aContinue Reading