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A Good Dose Of Dredd

“Dredd” has been compared with “The Raid” because they both have a very similar premise. But does this film stand up on its own merits?…

New! Dredd Motion Poster

Motion posters are a gimmicky but attention-grabbing aspect of a studio’s promotional repertoire for a movie. The best use of it I’ve seen so far is the one done by Columbia Pictures for comedy “The Other Guys”. Now, Lionsgate has done one for “Dredd”. It’s simple enough, but gets the point across. And for someContinue Reading

Dredd Trailer

THis remake of the iconic 2000AD comic book character sees the Judge and a rookie holed up in a complex full of hardened criminals hell-bent on killing them…

New! 4 Images From Judge Dredd Remake

Talk has been rife that the remake of the 2000AD comic Judge Dredd is in trouble. Reshoots have been taking place, according to a number of sources including Empireonline. Whatever the case, there is at least still time to fix whatever needs fixing, as “Dredd” doesn’t open til September. Meanwhile, a fresh batch of stillContinue Reading

Judge Dredd Creator Discusses Remake

2000AD is the Brit alternative to Marvel and DC Comics. The most famous character to come out of its pages is Judge Dredd, the fascistic cop who has the power of judge, jury and executioner in a lawless futuristic world. Dredd suffered a half-baked Hollywood outing in 1995 with Stallone in the role. While itContinue Reading

UPDATE! Judge Dredd Director Fired From Production

UPDATE: Today, Electroshadow received new news about an alarming turn of events for the “troubled” production of the “Judge Dredd” reboot. Following our report on Monday that director Pete Travis had been removed and writer Alex Garland was taking over, both men have now issued an official statement saying it was all a big misunderstanding.Continue Reading