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Coco Full Trailer

Pixar’s latest is about a boy who travels to the land of the Dead, in a quest to unlock the secret behind his family history…

Coco Teaser Trailer

Pixar’s latest animated adventure is set in Mexico, and is about a boy who goes on an otherworldly journey into the afterlife to discover his family roots…

First Look! Teaser Poster For Pixar’s Coco

Pixar’s recent output (apart from the brilliant “Inside Out”) has been a letdown, from “Monsters University” to “The Good Dinosaur” to “Finding Dory”. Maybe their next one, titled “Coco” will buck the trend and be great. So far, we’ve seen next to nothing of it, other than some concept art. A trailer is said toContinue Reading

First Look & Story Details Revealed For Pixar’s Coco

After the sequel “Finding Dory” proved to be a slight letdown, I’ve been hoping Pixar would get back to doing more original stories. Mind you, that doesn’t automatically mean the film will be great. Just look at “The Good Dinosaur”. But at least the studio isn’t relying on former glories to prop up the storytellingContinue Reading

Piper Movie Clip

See the first footage of the animated short playing in front of “Finding Dory”, about a little bird in search of breakfast…

First Look! Pixar Animated Short Piper

As is customary with all Pixar animated feature films, a short will be attached to it. Up until today, we didn’t know what that short film was. We do now. It’s called “Piper” and it is the story of a sandpiper hatchling who ventures down to the shoreline for the first time to find herselfContinue Reading

Finding Dory Full Trailer

This sequel to “Finding Nemo” sees the forgetful fish Dory going in search of her long-lost family…

New! Finding Dory Posters

If Pixar wants to play their version of “Where’s Wally” with their latest batch of posters for the “Finding Nemo” sequel, it’s gotta be the least challenging game ever. Still, I’m liking the striking colours. Regardless of the story and characterisation, you can be sure this film will be visually breathtaking. Here’s the summary: “EllenContinue Reading