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Justice League Full Trailer

The DC superhero team-up shows us what they’re capable of, with Batman leading the charge in the absence of Superman…

Posters Offer Best Look Yet At Justice League Costumes

The DCEU continues to suffer a public perception issue, but the powers that be are still making sure that things are moving along, behind the scenes. I won’t go into detail over the studio’s problems, but I will say that they only have a very small window of opportunity left to win over fans andContinue Reading

New Justice League Image Assembles The Team

I know Warner Bros is trying to preserve the mystery of Superman’s return in “Justice League” but it’s seriously the world’s worst-kept secret. Everyone knows he will be back, we just don’t know how or at what point in the movie. So until then, it looks like the studio is going to keep playing coyContinue Reading

New Tactical Batsuit Revealed For Justice League

Ben Affleck’s Batman went from one of the most protested to one of the most beloved. Design-wise, the Batsuit in “Batman v Superman” was simply perfect. But as we all know, every subsequent superhero movie always features at least one new suit. Gotta think of the merchandising, after all. Shooting is still underway at LeavesdenContinue Reading

Video: Justice League Cast Speak Out For Environmental Cause

Recently, Mel Gibson said some pretty disparaging things about superhero movies, particularly “Batman v Superman”. He called it “Shit”, and said that real superheroes don’t wear spandex. In real life, they’re the men and women who risk their lives for others or stand up for what’s right. Well, isn’t that what superheroes do? It’s aContinue Reading

Zack Snyder Teases Justice League Costumes

There were some rumblings earlier this month that Warner Bros executives were worried about the quality of “Batman v Superman” and the public reception to it, forcing them to contemplate possibly pushing back the production of “Justice League”. Looks like all that is a load of unfounded bullshit. The studio announced that not only willContinue Reading

First Look! Cyborg & The Flash In Justice League Concept Art

Warner Bros. Pictures has a special show lined up to get the world ready for its onslaught of superhero films. Titled “DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League”, the show is airing on US TV tonight so the rest of us won’t get to see it (yet). But the studio has released someContinue Reading

First Look! Gal Gadot On Set Of Man Of Steel Sequel

Much was made of Israeli actress Gal Gadot’s casting as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman in director Zack Snyder’s “Man Of Steel” follow-up. The “Fast & Furious 6” star was dismissed as being too skinny to play DC’s foremost superheroine. But Gadot herself promised she would be undergoing intensive physical training to bulk up forContinue Reading