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TJ Miller Talks Star Wars Influences In Ready Player One

Comedic actor T.J. Miller (“Deadpool”) will be in Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of “Ready Player One”, but his character is a brand new creation and not found in the book (written by Ernest Cline). So very little is known about Miller’s character, named i-R0k. Fandango just did an interview with him, which has shed some lightContinue Reading

Ready Player One Gives Viewers A Chance To Be Featured In The Film

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of the bestselling novel “Ready Player One” is now in pre-production, and it’s a welcome return to science-fiction for the master filmmaker who gave us “E.T.” and “Minority Report”. And the most exciting thing is, we the audience stand a chance to be a part of the film! Here’s a video call-to-actionContinue Reading

Steven Spielberg’s Sci-Fi Thriller Ready Player One Confirms Production

Steven Spielberg continues to mix up his body of work between commercial fare and more artsy, serious fare. While his heavy films (“Schindler’s List”, “Saving Private Ryan”) are great, a Spielberg blockbuster always something to look forward to. The next one that might be a real winner is “Ready Player One”, a book adaptation that’sContinue Reading

Steven Spielberg To Direct Sci-Fi Adaptation Ready Player One

When Steven Spielberg does science-fiction, the results aren’t always great, especially when he veers too far from the source material (“War Of The Worlds”). Let’s hope with his latest sojourn into the genre, he’ll play by the book. Literally. Today, Warner Brothers Pictures and Village Roadshow announced that Spielberg will be directing and producing aContinue Reading