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Hellboy To Be Rebooted Under New Director

Here’s some good news for fans of “Hellboy”, and bad news for fans of Guillermo del Toro. Despite the director doing a pretty solid job on two cinematic outings for the cult comicbook character, they didn’t make the studios much money. The director himself officially declared a third “Hellboy” movie under him, which would haveContinue Reading

Ang Lee To Direct Remake Of Sci-Fi Actioner Gemini Man

Some projects just linger on in development hell for ages because no one is able to figure out how to do them. One such example is “Gemini Man”, the sci-fi action TV series that debuted in 1976 and lasted all of one season. One wonders why anyone would bother with a property that barely isContinue Reading

The Mummy Full Trailer

Tom Cruise leads this ambitious kick-start to the shared universe of monsters. This new trailer shows off much more action as mortals face off an ancient evil…

Stage Musical Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat To Be Animated Film

I’ll be honest here. I’ve always found “Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, the Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim Rice, kind of silly. But it seems to have some measure of enduring appeal, so what do I know. Evidently it’s got enough potential to warrant a big screen remake. STXfilms announced today that theyContinue Reading

Beauty And The Beast Movie Clip

Emma Watson shows off her singing in this first clip from Disney’s live-action remake of the animated classic…

The Predator Director Reveals Cast & Rating

There’s been some confusion over director Shane Black’s remake/sequel of “Predator”. Last year, he said “The Predator” is going to be a sequel, then most recently, he played coy and said this movie will instead reinvent a lot of the established canon… assuming we take the “Alien vs Predator” movies as canon, which Black doesContinue Reading

Robin Hood Reboot’s Director Talks Modern-Day Relevance

After Ridley Scott tried — and failed — to reboot Robin Hood for today’s viewers, you’d think Hollywood had learned its lesson. Nope. They’re at it again, with Lionsgate mounting a brand new retelling of the legend of the archer who stole from the rich to give to the poor. The thing is, even itsContinue Reading

Kong: Skull Island Movie Clips

Here’s not one, not two, but five clips from the upcoming reboot of the franchise about the legendary giant ape…