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Snowden SDCC Trailer

Controversial director Oliver Stone and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt take on the equally controversial Edward Snowden in this espionage thriller…

Snowden Trailer

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in this biopic about the former CIA analyst who infamously leaked highly-classified information and was hunted down as a traitor…

Serena Trailer

Jennifer Lawrence reunites with Bradley Cooper for this romantic drama set in the 1920s about a couple who face incredible odds in building their timber empire…

Not So Amazing, Man

“The Amazing Spider-Man” is a complete reboot that comes just a few years after the Sam Raimi ones. Has the close proximity resulted in unnecessary changes and a substandard effort?…

Interview: The Amazing Spider-Man Director Marc Webb

As the world gears up for the next superhero blockbuster that is not “The Dark Knight Rises”, Electroshadow brings you an extensive chat with “The Amazing Spider-Man” director Marc Webb, courtesy of Cominsoon.net’s Silas Lesnick. In the interview, he discussed his casting choices, his use of 3D and practical effects and the changes they madeContinue Reading

The Amazing Spider-Man Trailer 3

The 3rd new trailer delivers a whole lot of action, bad guy The Lizard, plot details, and Spidey’s trademark wisecracks…

First Look! The Amazing Spider-Man Villain The Lizard

Today, Sony Columbia released the first official stills of the villain from the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, via iTunes Movie Trailers. Fans have been wondering out loud for the longest time, what will The Lizard look like; will he have his traditional garb from the Kirby era… Looking at these pics, all I gotta say is:Continue Reading

The Amazing Spider-Man Viral Campaign Reveals Spidey’s Webshooters

Columbia Pictures has been doing a pretty decent job with their vial marketing campaign for the Spider-Man reboot. Although nowhere near the level of “Prometheus”, it’s still engaging and has gotten the public talking about the Augmented Reality Game that sees clues seeded all over New York City, leading to hidden backpacks supposedly belonging toContinue Reading