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Battle Of The Sexes Trailer

Steve Carell and Emma Stone star in this true story of one of greatest events in sporting history, where an ageing male tennis pro challenged a female player at the top of her game…

First Look! Wreck-It Ralph 2

“Wreck-It Ralph” was not only one of the best films of 2014, it’s one of the best films Disney has made this past decade. So when a sequel was announced, you can be sure I was excited. But until today, there hasn’t been much movement on “Wreck-It Ralph 2”. The studio decided to step itContinue Reading

First Look! True Sports Story Battle Of The Sexes

Long-time tennis fans may remember a very infamous moment in pro tennis history, where Bobby Riggs, an ageing male pro challenged Billie Jean King, a female pro at the height of her career. It became known as the Battle of the Sexes, but ended in somewhat anti-climatic fashion. Now, Fox Searchlight Pictures are making aContinue Reading

A Million Ways To Die In The West Red-Band Trailer

From the juvenile mind behind “Ted” comes this new comedy set in the Wild West about a cowardly sheep farmer who must find his courage to face a deadly outlaw…

First Look! Character Posters For Comedy Western A Million Ways To Die In The West

Seth MacFarlane scored the biggest hit of his career with “Ted”, about a guy and his best friend a talking teddy bear. Following up on that slightly absurd brand of humour, MacFarlane’s next one is a comedy set in the Old Wild West called “A Million Ways To Die In The West”. We’ll post theContinue Reading

Mini Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Almost over-shadowed by rival Pixar, is this Disney’s return to animation glory? Or is it just a sorry wreck?…

New! Meet The Characters Of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph

Walt Disney Pictures has entered the promotional blitz phase of their marketing for animated comedy “Wreck-It Ralph”. Today, the studio debuted a huge gallery of images featuring all their characters, including a bio for each of them. The characters are presented in order of their respective “levels”. LEVEL 1: GAME CENTRAL STATION Wreck-It Ralph: BadContinue Reading

New! Wreck-It-Ralph Posters Features Videogame Icons

Walt Disney Pictures today debuted a series of posters for their upcoming animated comedy “Wreck-It-Ralph”. Where “Toy Story” featured some well-known toys alongside made-up ones, this movie has a bunch of iconic videogame characters in it. Cute. Me likey. Here’s the studio’s rundown of the animated movie: “The film, hitting theaters November 2nd follows RalphContinue Reading