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Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Earth’s mightiest heroes are back and this time they’re facing their deadliest adversary yet. The cosmic titan known as Thanos…

Ghost In The Shell Full Trailer

Scarlett Johansson stars in this controversial adaptation of the classic anime, where a cyborg law enforcer faces a mysterious enemy who is connected to her human past…

Ghost In The Shell Teaser Trailer

Scarlett Johansson stars in this adaptation of the classic anime, about an cyborg woman who’s tasked with stopping the future world’s most dangerous criminals…

Pics From The Hong Kong Set Of Ghost in the Shell

Shooting for the controversial (cuz of whitewashing, see) big screen adaptation of Japanese anime “Ghost In The Shell” is well underway. Director Rupert Sanders (“Snow White And The Huntsman”) is leading the production which is based in New Zealand, but it looks like they’re also shooting in Asia, as these just surfaced spy shots reveal.Continue Reading

Sing Trailer

This animated musical sees a world populated by animals, who are vying for a huge prize in a singing competition…

Capt America: Civil War Viral Video Asks Who Should Pay For Superhero Damages

Marvel Studios is having fun with the whole notion of public accountability for superheroes. That’s the main thrust of “Captain America: Civil War”, and it’s the subject of the 2nd in a series of viral videos. A bit too short to be really get into the matter but it’s a fun prelude to the movieContinue Reading

Capt America: Civil War Viral Video Examines The Impact Of Superheroes

The theme for this year’s crop of superhero movies seems to be about the culpability of costumed vigilantes in today’s world. First there was “Batman v Superman” and now there’s “Captain America: Civil War”. Which is the subject of Marvel Studios’ viral marketing campaign. This mock news report by WHIH features Christine Everheart, who wasContinue Reading

First Look! Scarlett Johansson In Ghost in The Shell

Wow, this is a bit of a surprise. It was only recently that Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Pictures finally pulled the adaptation of legendary anime “Ghost In The Shell” out of development hell. And now, it’s actually in production, with principal photography taking place in Wellington, New Zealand. The film is directed by Rupert SandersContinue Reading